#39: Do it yourself

Sleet outside. Not enough to be dramatic, too much to make me go out.

Fixing whole day: chairs, plants, window frames, interior design. The real photograph was not any worse than the one fixed with Analog Efex Pro filter above. Could have left the photo “as is” but nothing stays intact today.

What is the best way to finish the surface of the birch plywood I put there as a support? Toned varnish?

#33: The ghost of the waterfall

I was to put here a picture of a downhill skier I took yesterday, as I like it a lot.

Anyways, I went to the old town where river Vantaa meets the sea in order to see how’s ice sculpting the waterfall.

At home I realized there’s face in the shadows. Never before have I seen the ghost of the waterfall. Of course it deserves to get a place as the picture of the day. If your screen is below par or if your gamma is incorrect, it may remain hidden to you.