Competition over, winners announced

First, a selection of the winning photos.

January: A bit surprisingly Falling’s just another way to fly got most votes.
February: “Call me Ishmael is a very strong portrait. Despite there are other as good or better shots there, this is my favorite. The person passing by at the backround balances the object nicely. Overall this leaves open question of the persons background and situation..”
March: The passage of time got two somewhat contradicting comments (in Finnish): ”Ei ihmisiä kuvata takaapäin. Varjostakin puuttuu pää. Fiilis on kuitenkin kohdallaan. Tunnelma välittyy.” / “Hieno katukuva jossa sopivasti hämyä, mutta kuitenkin valon luomaa varjoa. Varjon suunta ohjaa katseen poikki kuvan kävelijään. On lavastettu tai ei niin ehdottomasti hienoin kuva kaikista!” (FYI: no, it’s not set up)
April’s pick is Spring gardening: ”Kuvassa ei tarvita ihmeellisiä elementtejä. Hienosti sommiteltu.”
May: ”Really hard to pick just one for each month. And of all the pictures, even harder. But eventually, the winner is She’s got the look.”
June: Weathered has ”nice composition, peaceful picture which takes ones thoughts far away from busy cities and stressful days.”

And the camera draw…

Twenty people entered their contact info. Among you, the Random Number Generator picked number 7 which belongs to Juhimadu. Grats! I’ve sent you mail.

Thanks for all of your comments! They help me to carry on this (at times a bit heavy) project, and maybe to raise the bar a little bit. I’ll arrange another competition around the New Year.