#13: Scenic Helsinki

At last a sunny afternoon! Well, I didn’t have time to see the sun itself, but a sunny afternoon also meant a nice, scenic sunset. I hasted to Helsinki Torni Ateljee Bar terrace and took my camera.

I started with taking a horizontal picture towards the point that would be the center of my panoramic image. I wanted to keep the darkness, so I underexposed –2 2/3 EV and the camera meter counted 1/200sec and f/3.5 at ISO1600. Because the lens didn’t have VR, I wanted to have a fast shutter speed and decided to settle on a big aperture even though it might mean some blurriness.

After that I set the camera in manual mode, so that every frame would use those same settings, and the lightness wouldn’t change between them. Then I took eight vertical photos, overlapping some 1/3 of each other.

The merge was done by opening Photoshop CS6, selecting File > Automate > Photomerge, and choosing these frames (see Adobe’s help page). Notice the tilt towards right – a tripod would’ve been useful.

I could have left it this way, but I wanted to apply traditional panorama format and cropped the image. Finally I added some part of sky to the upper left hand corner, and some part of the roof to the lower right hand corner. A tad of tone correction and sharpening. Done.

Or almost. After this I found myself annoyed with the curved horizon, and decided to do the merging again, this time with cylindrical mapping. Then, still some further editing and, long story short, the uppermost version.

3 thoughts on “#13: Scenic Helsinki”

  1. This is really amazing work. I just was in Helsinki last week and also visited Torni Ateljee Bar, but unfortunately my pictures didn't turn out this way, it was just gray 😉

  2. Thank you, Anita! I know what you are talking about: the cloudy sky in winter is like the "snot-green sea" James Joyce talks about: there's just too much of it, and it's too boring, as opposed to Homer's "wine-dark sea". So, when the sky clears out, everything looks extraordinary and interesting.

  3. I just realized your name links to your travel blog. How different the nature looked like here, just a few days ago! Now there's -15° C, a thin layer of snow, and ponds and bays frozen. I bet you can find some discount flight tickets and come back!

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