#8: Red lights district

Blogger has mutilated the jpg to some extent. See PNG here in Flickr.

Shooting something for sharing it publicly is not always happy snapping.

I knew today will be a busy day.  In order to get a quarter of an hour for photographing at a railway station I chose public transport over my bike to commute to work.

Photos I took of the crowds at the platforms had no message. The one by the coffee shop door had a point but the protagonist was out of focus. The face of a girl in her make-up mirror was interesting but she didn’t like publishing the image.

I noticed it was misty out there. Mist has the magic wand to change even a most mundane environment into a mysterious place.

So, there we have it, the picture of the day. “A”-program in camera to choose aperture first. As small as possible. F/8 and ISO1600 meant 1/10 sec. Doable without a tripod on 85 mm (130 mm in fullframe) with a VR lens (or “IS lens” in Canon-speak). Exposure compensation -2,5 EV – otherwise the camera would’ve made it way too light.

Had to crop the original shot a bit, and remove some disturbing cables with clone tool in Photoshop. Oh yes, healed some nasty banding in the sky tones, too. But other than that, very point-and-shootish.

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