#1: Time is running

“Time is running”,  © Esko Lius. 

A photograph is an unsparing and merciless cut on the milieu. It isolates and frames a part of the boundless environment into a scene – a bit like saying “It is year 2014” sets a slice apart from the flow of time.

Today I cycled to the river Vantaa falls in Helsinki old town. I’ve been taking pictures there many times, and I wanted to find a new point of view this time. I decided to take a pic of this smaller outpouring.

The path to the final image

A regular shot on a cloudy day is taken with a rather fast shutter speed, a medium/high ISO number and a big aperture, so that in a fraction of a second a lot of light exposes the image sensor. Here (below) the shutter speed is 1/320 sec (f/4.0). The flow of water is terminated – not what I wanted to achieve.

Next I changed the settings: lowered ISO to 320 and reduced aperture to f/18, so that the sensor would need a longer time in order to get enough light. In the image below the shutter speed is extended to 1/8 sec. This time the water looks running.

Now the frame was more to my liking, but still it lacked spirit or drama. It was like a background for a model shooting, only the poser was missing. (Some changes in Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop made, eg. toned the image with Photo Filter layer tool.)

For the final image I used Google Nik Collection plug-in Analog Efex Pro. It adds a touch of “old time” to a photo. And, eventually, I changed a bit the way the Analog Efex Pro layer was mixed with the original (the toned) image. That, in the fullness of time, produced the Picture of The Day #1.

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