#2: End Game

Psychological Science ran a story about two surveys stating that snapping photos impair restoring stuff from the memory.

Do we think (like the study appears to assume) that just by taking a picture we might remember something better? I doubt it.

A photograph may be a source to be investigated later, something to be turned to in an active process of retrieving, of calling to mind, but not a means of remembering as such.

Oftentimes photos are not for remembering at all. They convey messages to create a mental chain reaction like poems or songs. A photo is a place for an interpretative play, connecting different times and contexts.

Connect the dots

I composed the picture of the day so that the viewer would connect the fireworks litter and the football players – but not in a straighforward manner.

I wanted the viewer to proceed on a visual path, so that it would take just a little bit of time to connect the dots. I’ve no idea whether it works or not (would be nice to hear from you!), but here’s my idea laid out.

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