Wrapping it up

Project365 is an endurance challenge. Very much like my other beloved hobby, cycling, it needs time, training and dedication.

It takes only a fraction of a second to take a photo. Particularly in street photography, the right moment exists only for a blink of an eye, and you have to be ready to take the shot right then.

The trick is to be ready for that precious moment. One has to anticipate: how things are developing, changes in the light, movements, situations, gestures, facial expressions. One has to be ready to compute all these, and adjust camera settings, angle of view, one’s own position and participation or nonexistence etc. accordingly.

In many cases getting this perfect exposure one has to plan, design, search, lurk, do, redo, edit, re-edit… or then, one has to settle for a bit less. Especially if one’s got a full-time job, family and other hobbies.

*   *   *

These 365 photos have some brothers that didn’t make it in the limelight. In 2014 I took 11,933 photos with Nikon D7000 (having both JPG and RAW actually doubles that). 7,666 photos with Nikon D7100 (I bought it only in September). 993 with iPhone 5S.

60% of those are taken with a Nikkor 16-85 mm lens. The rest 40% are shared evenly between three fixed and one zoom Nikkors: 35 mm, 50 mm and 85 mm f/1.8, and 55-300 mm. I got Tokina 11-16 mm only two weeks ago but according to Lightroom I had time for 732 pics with it anyway.

I’ve been happy with my gear. There are only two areas where they have limited my creativity, and the remedy there would be an FX sensor body: keeping high ISO noise levels at bay, and getting a shallower DOF.

I’ve learned a ton about technicalities and the art of taking photos. What I think has been a biggest lesson is how I’ve learned to see the world and things happening around me in a new light. Iā€™m more open and alert to observe, to anticipate, to catch the moment and to be part of it.

*   *   *

If you’ve been following my blog, please share a thought. What did you like most? What would you suggest I train more? Although this blog has been in English, feel free to comment in Finnish too.


3 thoughts on “Wrapping it up”

  1. Oh, and if you are interested in entering a competition, make us to know the photo of your choice and tell us why. I'll find something for the stupified winner šŸ˜‰

  2. Many thanks for the past year – I have enjoyed your photos a lot! Facebook and social media are full of pictures. In your photos I loved most the fact that they were very good – both technically and the subject /view angle. To be honest I felt like following a professional photographer. I often wondered how many hours a day it must take you to get that kind of photos. Hava a happy new year 2015!

  3. Thanks, friend. Now working on a Prezi to make use of the last week's photos and videos… will link it here when ready. Happy New Year for you and your family, too!

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